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ccdebug - a graphical gdb debugger frontend

- or "The Best Of All Worlds" ("tout est au mieux", Candide)

ccdebug is a Qt-based graphical gdb debugger frontend. It uses the new gdb/mi "machine interface", and consists of the main program and a generic gdb/mi-plugin "" communicating with gdb. The gdb/mi-plugin is a shared library which might also be used by other gdb frontends.

ccdebug was written in need and tested with an application consisting of thousands of source files and dozens of shared libraries (and a lot of bugs). That is, navigating in the source files is fairly easy. Another design decision was not to keep too many dialogs open at the same time and not to use a global menu. Instead context menus and hotkeys are used to open and close dialogs. If possible, the hotkeys known from debuggers from the windows world are used. Thus, all is at your fingertips and the screen doesn't get cluttered with windows to be resized or moved around.

Here is a list of features

There still are some limitations in gdb-mi (and ccdebug!) concerning remote debugging.


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