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ccdebug - a graphical gdb debugger frontend

Compiling ccdebug

At the moment ccdebug is only available as source code tar ball. Compiling ccdebug requires a Qt4 development package. A Qt development package is directly available for some distributions in rpm or other format.
Alternatively, you may download the Qt4 installer from Trolltech.

ccdebug was tested with Qt4.4.3, and there should not be problems with the next Qt versions.

To compile ccdebug and the plugin, execute
    ./configure [optional_qmake_args]

Optional arguments passed to ./configure will be passed to qmake.
If this doesn't work immediately:

After a succesful "make", execute
    make install [INSTALL_ROOT=specific_installation_path]

to copy ccdebug and to $(INSTALL_ROOT) (defined as /usr/local/bin in the makefile).
You optionally may overwrite the installation directory $(INSTALL_ROOT) on the command line.

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